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My First Blog Post


As this is my first blog post, I'll start with a little info about me, this site, and what my plans are going forward.

While you'll most likely see the following information on my "About" page soon, I'll introduce myself through this post for the time being. My name is Mason Weis. I'm currently a Senior studying Visual Communication at Illinois State University and I'm planning on graduating in less than a month. I've had an interest in art since I was in grade school and it's been amazing getting to receive an education that allows me to express myself and learn to use my interests in a productive manner. Aside from art, I enjoy things like running, scouring the web for new music, playing video games, and eating good food.

I see this site as, first and foremost, my portfolio. I'm still currently picking and choosing the work I think will fit best for that. I want to keep my current portfolio brief, yet bold if I can. As I start to take on more clients, I'm sure work will be added or at the very least will be swapped out.

The rest of the site will be a little different. Soon, I hope to finish making my "About" and "Contact" pages. My intention is for the former to supplement my portfolio and help convince prospective employers that I am the right fit for the job. The latter is so the prospective employers can get in contact with me.

Finally, I see this blog as a place for me to write about my thoughts. It'll be almost like a journal. However, I think I want to keep it closely tied to design. I want to incorporate a lot of pictures into my posts and really talk about things I like and dislike. 

Thanks for stopping by the site, if you're seeing this and nothing else posted on my blog then I still have a lot of work to do! Hopefully by the time I make my next post thing's will be much more complete!

Mason Weis