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Weekly Inspiration - 1

So... in an effort to keep my blog updated more regularly, I'll be supplementing my longer posts with some shorter thoughts throughout the week. I figured a fun, weekly series of posts I could make would be a weekly inspiration post. Hopefully anyone reading this who is into design will find as much to appreciate about the things I post as I do. Without further ado, let's begin.

The logo below was designed by Maria Grønlund, a designer from Denmark. The logo, which Grønlund titled as Pangolin on her Dribbble is for an animation studio based in Saudi Arabia called Myrkott Animation Studio

I really like this logo for a few different reasons. The ombre technique Grønlund uses here works incredibly well as a way to color the pangolin the logo depicts. Additionally, the primarily warm color palette is also inviting and pleasing to look at. Finally, the rounded shape of the entire design makes what could've easily been considered an illustration, appear more contained and logo-like.

Hopefully this logo gets others thinking too. Until next time!

Mason Weis