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Should You Use a Logo Generator?

Nowadays, almost every kind of resource is available to us instantly thanks to the internet. Imagine anything you want, and you can probably find it in less than 5 minutes via a quick Google search. Want a coffee mug with cats on it? No issues here. Want to know where you can get a 3D, miniature model of yourself? Piece of cake. Want a logo you can make by yourself for free? Not a problem. 

Or is it a problem?

There are plenty of resources online that offer nearly instantaneous logos for free or for a very low price. Perfect, right? No dealing with designers, no fear of needing a huge budget, and you get something that’s exactly what you like. Overall, this sounds like an incredible deal. And I can see why it would seem enticing to anyone out there looking to give their business (or even their own personal brand) a new look. However, there are some things to take into consideration before you decide to go down the pre-generated path. 

(As a little bonus, I figured I’d include some logos I made for myself using these generators in this article as eye candy.)

You Get What You Pay For

There’s an old saying that applies to pretty much anything you can buy and that’s the phrase “you get what you pay for.” 

I listen to a lot of music and podcasts, so one thing that’s incredibly important in my life is headphones. I’ve gone through an incredible amount of headphones in my lifetime. Especially during college. After a certain period of time, all headphones are going to suffer wear and tear and eventually give out. 

Logo #1

I distinctly remember one pair I bought for five or ten dollars at a drug store in college. My last pair had just given out so I desperately needed some new ones so I could listen to music on my way to class. Finding a pair for cheap? What a great deal! What wasn’t so great, however, was when the flimsy wiring inside broke when I pulled one out of my ear after my first or second time using them. 

On the flip side, I also own a pair of Sony MDRV6 headphones that I’ve probably had for 4-5 years. They still sound about as good as they did the day I got them, and aside from some issues with the leather on the ears coming off, they’re in pretty great shape.

What can we learn from this example? Well, while the Sony headphones are definitely more expensive than the cheap $5 earbuds, they’ve lasted much longer and have definitely given me more bang for my buck. 

Like headphones, logos (and really anything you could have designed for you in general) are a good that reflects the notion of “getting what you paid for.” If you pay a small amount of money for a pre-generated logo, you run the risk of looking unprofessional. Similarly, if you invest in something made by an actual designer, the finished product will be personalized to your business and will look much more professional. 

Logo #2

Do you want the headphones that’ll break after your first or second use? Or do you want the headphones that will last years and still sound great?

They’re Not All That Bad Though

Logo #3

I realize that I’ve been a little harsh on logo generator sites. I wholeheartedly realize that many of these services make things a lot less complicated and can even be a great asset to small-time businesses or other kinds of projects. 

Although many designers might disagree, and this belief might be a little controversial, using a logo generator does have some benefits in my opinion. With that said, though, there are certainly some things to keep in mind. 

If you’re a legitimate business that can easily afford to hire a designer, it’s my belief that you should go to a real designer or an agency of some sort for a logo. Period. Like I mentioned earlier, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re not going down this route. However, if you’re something like some sort of “high school business” of a few friends or maybe some kind of club or something, logo generators aren’t just okay, they’re probably your best bet aside from having a designer in the club that’s willing to make it for you. 

Final Thoughts

Although graphic designers might try to tell you otherwise, logo generators aren’t the end of the world. Any designer worth their salt is capable of making something much better than a logo generator could ever make in well under a day’s time, so no designer should feel intimidated by logo generators. As things stand right now, they’re just not good enough, robust enough, or powerful enough to replace something that was created by a real, living, breathing human through careful planning and the creative process. 

If you, as a potential buyer believe that a logo generator will best suit what you’re trying to accomplish, definitely go ahead and use one. But if you want to take things to the next level and give yourself or your business a professional and legitimate look, hiring a graphic designer is the only way to go. 

Until next time!

Mason Weis